Soft and Kinky...


but but but asexual!Wincestiel

where they have movie nights in the bunker and all pack together on the couch, trading off who gets to be in the middle

curling around each other after a long day, combing fingers through each other’s hair

sitting in a line on the floor massaging each other’s…




chu chu animation session

Figured i’d stick them all together for convenience

going to bed

also i do love critique. Please tell me whats good, what’s bad, and how you’d fix it.

Rough and unfinished, but still pretty hot.

No idea what to fix animationwise, besides more frames obviously, though I feel like, if in the last part, her legs are giving away, they would end up looking more like those lazy bunny legs

Like, shes standing on someones body /legs, which is a slight balancing act for something small to begin with, uppon losinging up body tension, arms and legs would probably slump around the humans leg/hip area a bit. I dunno I cant really explain it that well.

WOW!!! This animation is wonderful!! Gah I’m a sucker for animation.

Me always.

Me always.


this one is old as well


this one is old as well


I’m not even “i wanna have sex” horny

I’m just “i want to be held” horny

i’m horny for cuddles


original drawn by sen kagura - Danbooru